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Problems with your PC? Well that's NO problem for us here at Baldwin Bytes. Whether it be simple troubleshooting, repairs, modifications, upgrades, or even a custom built gaming PC! We are eager to solve all of your technology needs. So please contact one of our knowledgeable Tech Experts today!


Below is a partial list of services which we offer here at Baldwin Bytes. However, if you do not see your problem listed below, please feel free to reach out to one of our Sharks to solve all of your PC needs!


Does your PC crash every time you really need it? Are you having performance issues? We can diagnose those problems and get you on the path to repair and recovery. Starting @ $100

Data Recovery

Lost or deleted files? Don't make the problem worse, stop what you are doing right now and call us. We will get inside of your PC and do some damage control.

Custom Builds Starting at $450*

Whether it be for small business, personal, or gaming needs. We can custom design and build the perfect PC to fit all of your computing needs.

Hard Drive Back Up

Losing everything you own on your PC can definitely happen without the proper back up solution implemented. We can set you up with everything you need so that you never have to worry about failure and file loss.


When all else has failed (re-booting and cleaning junk.) Don't give up and buy a new one. Let us do that repair work for you and save you $$$.


The benefit to owning a computer for gaming is that it is unlimited when it comes to upgrading. You don't have to settle for that outdated video card. Let us make that slow computer run faster than your online competitors.

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